Reading aloud

‘Reading aloud’ means that adult read the exact wordings from the book to children. Children develop key understanding through the reading process and the relationship between printed word and meaning. It is the foundation of children’s literacy development, which also gives children the idea that the print tells a story or the message which is conveyed. Moreover, through the discussion between teacher and children in class, ‘reading aloud’ helps children connect books with their daily experience, so as to induce the creativity and problem solving skills of children; to develop their comprehension skills, moral value and the whole person development.

‘Promotion of Reading Grant’

In order to enhance children’s interest in reading, reading ability; and to cope with the reading aloud approach strategy from school, the school has successfully applied one year reading grant funded by the Educational Bureau. The program includes, book lending in every week, reading aloud picture book workshop for parents, parent-child creative writing for story ending. This aims to provide a strong reading atmosphere for children to immerse in, and achieves “love reading, knowing how to read”