Parent- School Partnership

According to the ecological system theory (Brofenbrenner, 1979), children development is affected by their social relationship and the world around them. Interaction within school and family plays the key factor in children’s moral value and the attitude. Therefore, we care about home-school co-operation.

Through parent’s meeting, home visit, questionnaire, handbook, phone conversation, sharing session, school picnic and seminar, both teachers and parents are able to gather pieces of information of how well a child perform and what are their needs. Parents can also use these media to feedback and communicate with the school, to strengthen the understanding about the school policy.

We encourage parents to come and participate as volunteers, to assist in making learning tools and to take care of our children. We also invite parents to come and share their professionalism; and to read stories to our children. In this way, parents have a better understanding of our school mission and vision, enhancing the efficacy of the collaboration.